Notification History Log (Plus) v1.16.1 Full report of notification history
Premium version of the program with access to all features and capabilities

Notifications panel is one of the most widely used and widely used parts of the smartphone interface today. In this panel, notifications of all programs and services available on the phone are displayed to the user, and the user can use them to be informed of everything that happened on the phone. For example, when you receive a message or someone calls you, a notification is saved for it in this panel, so all you have to do is visit this panel to be informed of all events and happenings. Sometimes, due to attending an important business meeting or attending class and other situations, we put the phone in silent mode and thus are unaware of notifications. Smartphones only display recently received notifications in the notifications panel, and older notifications are replaced with new notifications. Therefore, if you receive a lot of notifications during the day and do not notice them because the phone is silent, you may miss them completely and not be aware of what happened. Today we are at your service with a plan to solve this problem.Notification History Log (Plus) is an application for storing and storing all incoming notifications, specific to the Android operating system, developed by Argon Dev and published for free on Google Play. This app stores all the notifications you receive on your phone in full with all the details and you can refer to it at any time and access your notifications, without missing a single one of them. . To use this Android application, the phone does not need to be rooted, and its simple user interface makes it possible for everyone to use all its features. If you do not want to save notifications for one or more specific programs, you can easily blacklist them. It is also possible to search for notifications with different filters.

Some features and capabilities of Android Notification History Log (Plus) program :

  •  No need for root access
  •  Ability to create a blacklist of applications whose notifications you want to save
  •  Save full notifications with all details
  • Ability to share and copy notifications text
  •  Maintain 500 recently deleted notifications
  •  Ability to search for notifications with different filters such as program name, date or text
  •  Ability to backup program data and easy data recovery
  •  Very simple and easy user interface
  •  Can be used to notify deleted messenger messages such as WhatsApp and Telegram

Application Notification History Log (Plus) is a great tool and very efficient for those who receive notifications throughout the day and, with the consent of Android users could Score 3.7 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v1.16.1 changes : 

* Overall app improvement


Notification History Log Plus