Now Weather Pro v2.20.01.07 – Beautiful and simple meteorological application for Android,
purchased and complete version for $ 6.49 for the first time in Iran

Climatic conditions are one of the most important factors that easily affect everyone’s life. Usually, many people check the weather before doing their important work activities so that there is never a disturbance in their work. One of the best ways to access weather forecasts is to use Android tools. Now Weather ProIs the title of a beautiful and simple meteorological application published by OOOSoft Co., Ltd for Android. This smart software helps you access the weather at any time and get a variety of weather information. There are several different features in this startup, one of the most popular of which can be considered weekly forecasts that provide an overview of the weather conditions for the next few days. To understand the predictions as much as possible, do not forget to observe the radar and know in which region of your country the precipitation masses are at any given moment. In addition, you can place widgets on the main screen for faster access to information.

Some features and capabilities of Now Weather Pro Android app:

  • Access weather information at any time
  • View various information such as air temperature, humidity, wind direction and لحظه instantly
  • Accurate weekly forecasts and a view of the weather
  • Access information as quickly as possible through widgets
  • View forecasts in the form of detailed charts
  • Use radar to see the exact location of precipitation masses
  • Ability to change units of measurement of various parameters

Now Weather Pro application with a set of various capabilities in the field of weather forecasting has been published by its developer at a price of $ 6.49 on Google Play, and now the purchased full version is in front of you. Note that the program has had retail and perceptions of the website Usroid among the first users will be in Iran.

Changes in version v2.20.01.07:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


Now Weather Pro