NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus is one of the most powerful and best security and antivirus software for Android operating system , which by installing it on your smartphone, you can give absolute security to your phone and protect it against viruses, trojans and Protect spyware.

Some features of NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus Android:

* Block viruses and spyware automatically

* Scan programs and files to identify spyware

* Protect your privacy when browsing the web

* Block harmful S M Ss and calls

* Ability to block any mobile number

* Ability to track and find a lost or stolen phone

* Ability to back up data and easily restore them

To update Antivirus NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus to your mobile versions of the new state plan to put on the air. You can download the latest version of the introduced antivirus for free from Usroid .

Changes in version v8.3.28.00:

* Added new features

* Troubleshoot and improve performance


NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus Android