Nyx Music Player v2.2.4 – Full-featured and user-friendly music player application for Android
Full version of the program worth $ 7.49 for the first time on Persian language websites

As much as having the right hardware is necessary, having the right software system also helps you make the most of your smartphone. We all know that we need dedicated players to play audio or video files; Normally, all Android devices have default software, but these startups only meet our usual needs and have problems when reaching more complex needs! For this reason, we want to introduce you to a wonderful software in this post. Nyx Music PlayerIs a full-featured and user-friendly music player developed by Awedea and published on Google Play. If we want to describe this program in a few sentences, it can be considered as the most complete Android music player that provides a wide range of unique features to its users. Among its special features is its support for a variety of audio formats that bring a smooth and hassle-free playback to users. The developer team of this startup has paid special attention to the graphics of the program and has tried to use the best transfer animations and visualizers. Unlike many similar tools that do not have access to the output sound settings, this player allows you to adjust the equalizers according to your needs and tastes and get a unique sound. Another popular feature is the ability to change tags or tag music, so that by placing the appropriate tags for each music, you will be able to organize them intelligently. Increase the volume up to 150 times and receive sounds at the normal frequency of 432 Hz. In addition, the above software automatically puts all the music in various categories such as artist categories, folders and..

Some features and capabilities of Nyx Music Player Android app:

  • Play a variety of audio files in various formats with maximum quality
  • A collection of fascinating transition themes and animations
  • Music playback at a natural frequency of 432 Hz
  • Advanced song loop option to repeat a piece of music or part of it
  • 150% increase in volume
  • 3D sound with immersive sound effect
  • Create your favorite playlists for flawless execution
  • Categorize music in memory based on folders
  • Professional and fantastic app visualizer
  • Adjust the frequency range
  • Access to multiple equalizer bands to customize the output sound
  • View the lyrics of the music being played
  • A set of equalizer presets
  • Bass booster
  • Audio file tag editor
  • A set of management options

The Nyx Music Player application has been released for free by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 7.49, taking advantage of a wide range of features and capabilities, which was able to receive a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Now you can download the latest full version of this program from the huge database of the popular Usroid website.


Nyx Music Player