OCR Text Scanner pro: Convert an image to text Pro v2.1.6 – Quick Text Android app scanner
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One of the best ways to scan documents is to use the camera of a smart device, which despite being economical, provides us with the scanned version in the shortest possible time, sometimes in the heart of these scanned documents or some text documents. There are some that we need to receive and store! In such cases, a text scanning tool can be the best possible option! OCR Text Scanner pro: Convert an image to text Pro as a smart app for quick scanning of text in images for Android devicesDeveloped by Rishi Apps and released in the Google Play Store. If we want to explain the working method of this program in the simplest possible way for you dear ones, it can be considered as a document scanning tool, so that you only need to take the camera on the document or tab you want, or if You have the pre-scanned version, select it through the gallery; After that, everything is done completely automatically and professionally, and all the texts in the images are extracted. Various and varied features are included in the list of features of this app, among which its high accuracy shows itself more than anything else; So that from 95 to 100% of the texts are easily identified and stored in the blink of an eye in the form of a text file. Each time you scan, you don’t need to select the entire image, and you will only be able to select and crop the part you need so that the result you receive is exactly the text you want. Just note that this software does not detect handwritten text.


OCR Text Scanner pro : Convert an image to text Pro


Applications OCR Text Scanner pro: Convert an image to text Pro relying on the accuracy of the extracted text in the pictures has a price of 9.49 dollar Score 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version Purchased, download it from the popular Usroid site.