Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper v7.2 – Android Gaming App with Gamepad, Mouse, and Keyboard!
The professional version of the app for the first time on Persian language websites

The high capabilities of Android smart devices have led to the development of console-quality games for these smartphones. One of the problems that many gamers face is having complete control over their desired games, as using the touch screen cannot easily meet their needs. Therefore, some turn to the use of specialized gamepads, but the mentioned problems still remain in some cases. Therefore, we intend to help you use other console gamepads for the first time in Iran by introducing a startup app that saves costs. Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper is the title of an application for playing with gamepads, keyboards, and mice on Android, developed by Phoenix Studio (Chaozhuo Tech) and released on the Google Play Store. The software allows you to connect your computer mouse or keyboard to your mobile phone with an extraordinary coding and experience a new level of gaming. It doesn’t matter which console your gamepad is for, as this app supports all console types. Unlike similar software, command execution keys for various games in different genres are programmed, which is unique in its kind. If the pre-set keys cannot meet all your needs, customize the order and execution commands according to your own needs.


Octopus - Play games with gamepad,mouse,keyboard


The Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper application, with its various features and capabilities in connecting a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad to smartphones, has received one million downloads and an 3.8 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now download the latest professional version of the app from the direct links on Usroid.