Oddmar Full v0.110 – An incredibly exciting adventure game “Oddmar” for Android
Unlocked and complete version of the game dedicated to you, dear ones
Tested by running offline

Oddmar – آدمار is the name of an incredibly exciting and lovable game that has been highly anticipated since its development by the creative studio Mobge Ltd. in Turkey. The game is available for free on Google Play, but the version available on Google Play is a limited version of the game, and to experience the full game, you must purchase it through in-app payments. After a long time since the release of the game, there was no news of a purchased and complete version until finally, Usroid obtained the complete and unlocked version of this beautiful game and has made it available for download as a tested and free version at your request, dear ones. Oddmar is a game that is commendable in every way. This game not only has an unparalleled story but also has attractive designs and, alongside its very entertaining gameplay and fantasy, makes it a successful title in every way. Oddmar tells the story of a Viking hero who has gone through a hard life and has become a different kind of hero. He is chosen to embark on a dangerous adventure and successfully complete a strange mission to reach what he is looking for. As shown in the cinematic and animated demo at the beginning of the game, the story of this character will be told. When Oddmar was a child, he lost his parents. His best and only companion was an old friend named Vaskr, who was also exiled at the order of the Viking king. Oddmar, who is alone, depressed, and hopeless, dreams one day that a mythical creature from the forest comes to him and tells him that if he completes a special mission, he can go to the land of Valhalla, where Vaskr and his parents are also there. He wakes up from his dream and realizes that what he saw is not just a simple dream. Oddmar decides to make what he saw in his dream a reality! In the game Oddmar, you have to take on the role of this character and embark on a risky adventure, not only to reach the main goal but also to save the city’s people from enemies and an unworthy king by making many sacrifices. He is ridiculed by other Vikings and now it is time for him to prove himself and his abilities to everyone. You just need a simple axe to embark on this adventure, travel to special places, complete many missions, and face many enemies.

Some of the features of the Oddmar adventure game for Android:

  • Excellent and professional designs in the form of hand drawings
  • HD and fantasy graphics
  • Very entertaining and smooth gameplay in action-adventure style
  • Possibility of playing the game at 60 frames per second
  • A very exciting and epic storyline
  • Travel to 24 different locations with various conditions
  • Presence of multiple enemies with special abilities
  • Presence of various deadly traps
  • Physics-based and challenging puzzles
  • Possibility of destroying enemies by hitting them with an axe or jumping on their heads
  • Possibility of finding and using various items such as weapons, armor, etc.
  • Support for physical controllers (gamepads)
  • Optimized for mobile phones and tablets

Oddmar can be attractive and entertaining for any taste due to its attractive features and unique design. This game has more than 20 different levels, each showing you new things. Oddmar is an interesting combination of action, arcade, adventure, and platformer games. For a long time, hundreds of thousands of players around the world, including Iranian players, have been waiting for the full version of Oddmar, and now this version is finally available to you! You can now download the latest version of this game unlocked and complete from the servers of Usroid and experience a very attractive and lovable game. It should be noted that Oddmar has had more than 1 million downloads so far and has also achieved a good rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. We recommend watching the game trailer for more information about the game.

Note: The game is released as unlocked and does not require internet. However, in higher levels, there may be a need for internet to download separate data.

* Bug fixes and various optimizations.


Oddmar - Human


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.mobge.Oddmar folder to the Android/obb directory in the internal memory of the device.