Offline Maps for Travelers – Aerostat Maps v1.42 Offline Maps for Travel Routing   Unlocked
and Complete Version

One of the most widely used and useful features of today’s smartphones is the ability to navigate and locate with them. All smartphones today are equipped with GPS chipset. GPS is a global positioning system created by the US military and made available to all people around the world for free. Great programs have been created that can guide and receive the user to the desired destination by receiving and analyzing GPS data. You can find good examples of these programs in Usroid. These programs offer many capabilities to their users, but almost all of them need the Internet to work, and this has made it impossible to use them for a percentage of users. Those who travel to out-of-town areas where the Internet connection is not good or those who travel to foreign countries and the cost of using the Internet due to roaming is very high, can not use the usual routing programs. Today we are at your service with a program that has been created to solve this problem.Offline Maps for Travelers – Aerostat Maps is an offline navigation application for the Android operating system developed by Offline travel maps & routes and published for free on Google Play. This app is designed specifically for those who are constantly traveling to unknown places. Therefore, those maps are offline so that the user does not incur exorbitant costs for using online routing. The maps are as up-to-date as possible and the user can use them safely. For tourists, tourist attractions are marked on the map and can include addresses, airports, metro stations, trains, hotels and more. Searched. For easier access, you can save your favorite places in the program so that you can start navigating to them with one click.

Some features and capabilities of Offline Maps for Travelers – Aerostat Maps Android application :

  • Includes completely offline maps, without the need for internet
  • Show tourist attractions on the map
  • Ability to search for addresses, airports, metro stations, trains, hotels and….
  • View Wikipedia page for each tourist destination
  • Ability to save favorite places for easier access and navigation in the future
  • Suitable for in-car navigation and walking
  • Save on internet and roaming

Application Offline Maps for Travelers – Aerostat Maps is a very useful tool for everyone who loves to travel, with the consent of Android users could Score 4.4 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the unlocked version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v1.42 changes : 

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


Offline Maps for Travelers - Aerostat Maps