OH~! My Office v1.6.21 + Mod – The management and simulation game “My Office” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with infinite money) available separately
Tested for offline play

OH~! My Office – Boss Simulation Game – دفتر کار من is a simple and entertaining title in the simulation games genre, specifically in management and clicker games. In this game, players can experience an interesting and fantasy simulation of an office, managing the employees and staff members of the company as a boss. The game was developed by a lesser-known studio called Twitchy Finger Ltd and is available for free on the Android operating system. Usroid has obtained and published it for the first time in Iran. In a simple definition, OH~! My Office – Boss Simulation Game has a very interesting and innovative concept. The game was produced with a very entertaining idea, and its fantasy and humorous designs have given it a very attractive and unique touch. The game’s story revolves around a company and office that went bankrupt a few years ago. After a while, you decide to revive this company as the son of the boss. But to avoid bankruptcy like your father, you must take special measures! It seems that the main reason for the bankruptcy of this company was the lack of proper and sincere activity of its employees. But now the situation has changed. You must reopen this office with a different perspective and use all your efforts to bring it back to successful and bright days. To do this, you must manage this office like a real manager and increase the productivity of your employees!


OH~! My Office - Boss Simulation Game


In the game OH~! My Office – Boss Simulation Game, you have multiple tasks. One of the most important is to secretly monitor and supervise your employees. Your employees may slack off or play games on their phones while working. You must quickly make them aware of your presence and compel them to work. These employees are fined by you! You have a big hammer to punish them, which you use to hit the desk hard and make them tremble! This part of the game is very funny and humorous and is one of its main features. In other parts, you have to manage the office and prepare it for professional activities by buying various items and tools, and turn this company into a global corporation. In OH~! My Office – Boss Simulation Game, you can also customize the main character of the game in various customization sections. In total, there are more than 80 types of employees from 10 different types with various abilities and capabilities in this game, which you can hire and employ to accelerate the success of your office. My Office game has 15 different levels. This game is available for download in both normal and modded versions from Usroid, which have been tested. It is worth mentioning that with 100,000 downloads on Google Play, the current rating of this game is 4.0 out of 5.0.