Olimdal v1.05 + Mod – Attractive and very challenging puzzle game “Olimdal” for Android + trailer of the
original purchased version for $ 3.49 + mod (unlocked) version individually
tested with offline execution

Olimdal – Alimdal is a very attractive and exciting puzzle game by Clocknest Games studio in Turkey, in the style of a family-selected puzzle game from Google Play, which will be released in the Steam Store (for PC platform) in December 2019 for Android phones and tablets. It was also released and is available to users around the world for $ 3.49. Usroid proudly launches the Android version of this game for the first time among all Iranian sitesIt has provided for you dear ones to experience an attractive, well-made and, of course, challenging game by downloading and installing the full and purchased version. Olimdal is the first official project of the Clocknest Games game studio, but it must be said that this game is so well made that it certainly has a good future for its developers. This beautiful game has been produced with a simple but at the same time special and lovely idea and has challenged carbeld gamers and puzzle and puzzle game enthusiasts based on physical principles. Elimdal game even has a very interesting and funny storyline that makes its overall content very interesting and engaging. In this game you are in the role of a funny and small wizard who goes to the big library of wizards which is located in a tower of several tens of floors to look for something special. This tower, where there are only magic tutorials, is called Olimdal. The funny wizard of the story comes across a strange and unknown book while searching. By reading the words and magic of this book, he awakens a strange spell!




In the game OlimdalYou have to help the protagonist wizard to clear this spell. But this spell causes other objects to move in exactly the same directions as the wizard moves! This spell makes it difficult for the little wizard to move around. Now with this difficult situation, he even has to solve dozens of other challenging physical puzzles. The only way to neutralize this spell is to use a large and sacred magic book located on the top floor of the tower! This wizard must reach the top floor and find the book of sacred magic to cover his sabotage and solve this problem! To reach the top floor you have to go through all the floors and each floor is filled with puzzles and abnormal conditions created by this spell! Some of these puzzles are arithmetically challenging and thought-provoking, making this seemingly simple game a difficult puzzle title. In Olimdal, you have to help this wizard to cross difficult paths and challenging and sometimes deadly puzzles to reach the point of his case, the last floor, and end these adventures! Can you handle these physical and mental puzzles? If you consider yourself one of these, then do not procrastinate and now the latest version of this game is tested and free fromDownload Usroid and play an attractive brain teaser and puzzle game and challenge yourself!

Note: The game is only installed on X64 or ARM64 devices.

Changes in version v1.05:

* Release of the first version of the game on Google Play with a Christmas theme on the occasion of the New Year.