Olive Icon pack v1.9 – Dark and creative icon pack app for Olive Android
Purchased and complete version for $ 1.99

Olive Icon pack is the title of the dark and creative Olive Icon pack, developed by ASN360 and published on Google Play. Icon packs are one of the fastest ways to make changes to a smartphone interface. Using them not only helps to increase the attractiveness of the screen, but also reduces the feeling of monotony. Each pack icon has unique features that this special feature in Olive can be considered dark! Icon pack Olive Icon pack with a set of dark yet creative icons helps to personalize your smartphone screen and gives you a new experience. However, in this post, we try to provide you with a complete description of its features; So join us.

Huge database of quality icons in the Olive Icon pack

One of the main features of this unique package is the set of symbols in its database. As we write this post, there are more than 2799 various icons in the Olive Icon pack dashboard that support a huge range of apps and games. All of these icons are in various categories according to the type of program they support, which you will be able to search in these categories and before using them, a quality preview of the symbol. See your favorite. Among these categories, we can mention special icons designed for folders, which use these symbols to double the beauty of the screen.

In addition, the design team has tried to mix the dark colors used in the icons in such a way that everyone is attracted to them. All available designs are completely unique and no software algorithm has been used to design them.

Mark with a few arrows by downloading the Olive Icon Pack!

The set of features that Olive Icon pack provides to its users will eliminate their need for a set of peripherals. In this startup, you also have access to more than 18 ready-made widgets, the use of which makes the icons more attractive than ever. In addition, dozens of custom wallpapers are available to you. These wallpapers were created by the Olive Icon Design Team; They have a high level of harmony with the symbols. Also, if the available wallpapers did not catch your eye, you will be able to use Muzei live wallpapers. However, activating widgets and wallpapers depends only on you and your taste.

Support for the most popular Android launchers

Unlike other icon packs that only support a few specific launchers, the Olive Icon pack supports 22 popular Android launchers, including Solo Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, and more. کرد. The development team updates the database regularly and at short intervals to give more users access to new icons, and tries to eliminate any flaws in the icons. If you can not find the icon you want while using the icons, all you have to do is mark your favorite software from the last tab in the dashboard so that their icons will be provided to you in the next update.

Some features and capabilities of Android Olive Icon pack:

  • Access to a collection of 2799 diverse icons with dark themes
  • Frequent updates to access new icons
  • Option to submit a request to create your own icon
  • Search the list of icons with the ability to preview them
  • Several proprietary wallpapers and widgets designed by the developer
  • Support for the most popular and popular Android launchers
  • Ability to use Muzei live wallpapers
  • Several dedicated icons for folders and calendars

The Olive Icon pack app with a collection of creative icons with a dark theme has been released by its developer on Google Play for $ 1.99. Note that this startup has not been sold yet and by receiving it from Usroid website, you will undoubtedly be one of the first users in Iran and the world. So do not waste time and customize your smartphone display by downloading it.


Olive Icon pack