One HW Camera – Mate30, P30 camera style v3.3 – Huawei camera application for Android!
Prime and full version of the app worth $ 9.99

As much as a strong hardware is effective in the quality of recorded images, having the right software is also effective. Using the right camera app can optimize the camera settings and give you great results despite the normal quality of the lenses. One of the best camera apps on Android is the Mate30. Developed by Huawei, the smartphone helps users capture unique images with their cameras. One HW Camera – Mate30, P30 camera style is the title of Huawei camera application for Android, which was developed by Model X Apps and published on Google Play. As we mentioned, the design of this software is inspired by the camera of the Mate30 phone, and the developer has tried to provide the available facilities to you dear ones without any restrictions. Apart from the high quality and optimal settings, there are a variety of options available to users, which doubles the attractiveness of using this camera. Once installed, users will have access to more than a hundred different and beautiful filters that will appeal to you. Put the existing tags in AR format on the images to remove several steps of editing! In addition to photography mode, full HD video recording is also available, which leaves unparalleled results even on low-spec phones. Depending on your needs and the shooting scene, you will be able to use autofocus or manual focus. If you want to capture flawless and vibration-free selfies, use the volume rocker buttons and see great results by pressing them once.

Some features and capabilities of One HW Camera app – Mate30, P30 camera style Android:

  • The high quality camera is inspired by the design of the Mate30
  • Access to over 100 diverse and attractive filters
  • Place stickers on images as AR
  • Automatic retouching of selfies for flawless images
  • Use the volume buttons to capture images
  • Record beautiful videos in full HD quality
  • Use the maximum hardware capabilities of the smartphone
  • Supports HDR mode for beautiful images
  • Set a timer and capture multiple photos with a single touch of the screen
  • Vignette function support
  • Put time and place tags on photos


One HW Camera application – Mate30, P30 camera style with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with payment within the network of $ 9.99, which, as always, you can download the latest prime version from the web Get the popular and most visited Usroid site.


One HW Camera - Mate30, P30 camera style