One Power Guard is one of the best battery management apps for increasing the power and capability of Android smartphones and tablets. It is available for free and with a rating of 4.4, it is also one of the most popular. This unique app provides various battery consumption management tools to help you preserve battery power and increase its uptime! This useful app prevents problems such as deep battery sleep, battery overheating, and unnecessary use of resources such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are caused by faulty apps. It is one of the best of its kind!

Some of the features, capabilities and characteristics of the One Power Guard Android app:

* Optimizing the system kernel and processor to improve device performance

* Having six custom modes for battery saving

* Always active to catch battery draining apps!

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* Customization possibility for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and .. shutdown.

* Show complete information about the battery including voltage, temperature, and health!

* Display battery charge and deep sleep percentage (%)

* Having quick settings for managing Bluetooth, ringtone, GPS, etc.

* Display charge-consuming apps accurately on one page

* Having custom settings to display the program in the status bar and automatic execution when launched and …

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* Having a simple and classic user interface + using all available features offline without the need for internet

Today, at Usroid, we have provided the latest version of the One Power Guard application for you users, which you can download for free with just one click by visiting the rest of the article …

Please note that: The program requires your phone and tablet to be rooted …

Version 6.1.1 changes:

* Fixed some issues and improved stability


Download One Power Guard - Android battery charge management program



Download One Power Guard Android APK - FREE



Download One Power Guard Android APK - FREE



Download One Power Guard Android APK - FREE