One Security – Antivirus, Cleaner, Booster v1.5.5.0 – Application of security tools and optimizer for Android
Professional and complete version of the program worth $ 1.99

All smart devices, even the most powerful ones, have a certain lifespan. We use our phones for years; The constant use of smartphones causes us problems, the most important of which are memory viruses, slow execution of commands, rapid battery drain, and so on. These problems can have many hardware or software reasons, and most of the time we see software problems in this area. One of the best ways to eliminate these software problems is to use optimizer tools, the best of which we have provided to you dear ones. One Security – Antivirus, Cleaner, BoosterTitle is an application for Android security and optimization tools developed by One Dot Moblie Limited and published on Google Play. The capabilities of this software are divided into two parts: security and optimization, each of which separately has favorable effects on the performance of the smartphone. The security department, with its dedicated coding as well as the benefit of an intelligent deep scanning system, helps to constantly monitor the memory and installed programs to prevent problems if you recognize any threats. One of the most important features of the second part, which is the optimization part, is the system of identifying additional files and deleting them. By removing the junk of files, users will have more storage memory and help the CPU to quickly identify the files you need. The features of the optimization section are not limited to identifying additional files, and another best feature is the system for stopping unnecessary programs! With this feature, unnecessary software running in the background is stopped, and in addition to freeing up RAM, the problem of program crashes will be largely eliminated. You users will be able to optimize battery consumption and extend its life.

Some features and capabilities of One Security program – Antivirus, Cleaner, Booster Android:

  • Access to a variety of features and capabilities of Android optimization
  • Fast and deep memory scan to detect any virus
  • Deletes known viruses completely automatically
  • Identify additional files and delete them in the shortest possible time
  • Stop unnecessary processing to free up RAM
  • CPU cooling by limiting processing frequencies and cores
  • Super safe battery for longer battery life and longer life

One Security application – Antivirus, Cleaner, Booster, with the benefit of various features and capabilities, was released by its developer for free with a payment within the network of $ 1.99 and was able to receive a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who also Now you can download the latest professional version of it from the huge database of Usroid website .


One Security - Antivirus, Cleaner, Booster