Onoff v2.9.6.4 Virtual numbers from over 30 different countries  
Original version of the app   

Most of us have no need for a SIM card and a second number, and we can easily meet all our needs using a mobile number. But there are people who for various reasons such as business contacts, making international calls and…. They need the second number. Until a few years ago, the only way to get a second number was to buy an extra SIM card and use dual SIM phones, but now there are various programs that can provide a virtual number to their user. Recently, with the popularity of messaging applications, many people are looking for virtual number applications to be able to open more than one account with them in messengers. We have introduced a large number of these programs at your service in Usroid so far, and today we are at your service with another program. OnoffThe title of an application for receiving a virtual number and making unlimited calls to it, is specific to the Android operating system, which was developed by onoffapp and published for free on Google Play. In this program, you can choose your desired virtual number from a multitude of available numbers in a few seconds and use it to make unlimited voice calls with others. It is possible to choose more than one number and you can use two separate numbers for different uses such as personal and business relationships. You can easily disable or disable any of these numbers. It is also possible to send text messages to others and you can send and receive text messages with others like real numbers with this program. This app also has Whiskey and with it others can leave you voice messages. There are more than thirty national numbers in this program that you can choose from.

Some features and capabilities of Onoff Android application :

  • Receive a virtual number for business, personal relationships, registration in messengers and…. In seconds
  • Has numbers over 30 world nationalities + credits and various contact packages
  • Ability to enter the application via smartphone and computer
  • Work with all SIM cards to have the best network connection at any time.
  • Ability to turn the virtual number on and off with the push of a button

Onoff application is an efficient tool for receiving virtual numbers, which with the satisfaction of Android users has been able to receive a score of 3.2 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. This app is introduced at your request.

Changes in version v2.9.6.4 : 

* Fixed bugs and improved program performance