Opera browser for Android beta v69.1.3606.65161 – beta version of Opera browser for Android .. Released
by the original manufacturer, Opera Software ASA

Opera browser beta is a beta version of the popular Opera browser for Android devices that is made and updated by the original manufacturer. As we said before, Opera browser is one of the best and most popular web browser software for various operating systems that is able to display web pages at high speed and in a simple and beautiful environment. With Opera Browser you can load web pages with high quality and fast and enjoy web browsing. Opera Mobile browser, by compressing web pages, in addition to loading websites faster, will significantly reduce your internet cost! Currently, the Beta version of this browser has more features than the regular version, which the manufacturer first offers new features in the beta version to test and see the effect, and if there is no problem, transfer it to the official version.

Some general features of Android Opera browser:

* Fast loading of blog pages and websites

* Display web pages in the most beautiful way possible

* Direct and easy sharing on Facebook and Twitter

* Ability to save web pages for offline use

* Full support for HTML 5 codes

* Support for Flash, JavaScript web pages

* Having Off-Road mode to increase speed

* Having a dedicated download manager

* Easy and intuitive user interface

* Open tabs indefinitely

Opera browser beta application with more than 5,000,000 users has been released on Google Play and its creator, Opera Software ASA, recommends it to all opera browser lovers and asks them to have a beta version and send feedback to Help the developer to put the best browser in the world in your hands.



Opera browser beta