Opera browser for Android beta v79.0.4195.76329 – Special beta version of Opera browser for Android ..
Released by the original developer, Opera Software ASA

Opera Browser Beta is a beta version of the well-known and popular Opera browser for Android devices, created and updated by the original developer. As we have mentioned before, Opera Browser is one of the best and most popular web browsers for various operating systems, capable of displaying web pages quickly and in a simple and beautiful environment. With Opera Browser, you can enjoy high-quality and fast web browsing. The Opera Mobile browser compresses web pages, which not only makes websites load faster, but also significantly reduces your internet costs! The Beta version of this browser now has more features than the regular version, and the developer first offers it for testing and viewing the performance of new features in the beta version, and if there are no issues, it will be transferred to the official version.

Some of the general features of Opera browser for Android:

  • Fast loading of blog and website pages
  • Display web pages in the most beautiful form possible
  • Direct and easy sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Possibility to save web pages for offline use
  • Full support for HTML 5 codes
  • Support for Flash, JavaScript web pages
  • Having an Off-Road mode to increase speed
  • Having a dedicated download manager
  • Easy and visual user interface
  • Opening tabs unlimitedly

The Opera browser beta application has been released with over 5,000,000 global users on Google Play, and its developer, Opera Software ASA, recommends it to all Opera browser enthusiasts and asks them to help make the best browser in the world by having the beta version and sending feedback to the developer.


Opera browser beta