Order & Chaos Online 3D MMO RPG v4.2.3 – online action game for Android Mobile Data + trailer – a popular game from Gameloft global player with 5+ million
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Order & Chaos Online to Farsi (Order and Chaos Online) popular and exciting game in the style of game action and fight for the operating system Android is another game company Game Loft are masterpieces. Explore vast epic worlds with this game and reach thousands of online players in this gameJoin the many who cross the boundaries of the epic! The above game takes the player into an epic and superhuman battle between demons and supernatural beings with extraordinary and magical powers, and it is one of the games in which your adventure in the world will not end any time soon! The game characterization system allows the player to customize his favorite character, which can be up to 4 characters, according to his taste. There are two types of battles in this game, one is the battle between demons and humans for order and the other is the battle between orcs and ghosts for chaos and chaos!


Download online game Android Order & Chaos - Order & Chaos Online


This game, which is one of the best and most popular Android online games, has attracted thousands of players from all over the world and now has a score of 4.3 in the Play Store. The game has a wide range of interaction and communication with other players in the online environment, and you have the opportunity to determine your friends and enemies, unite, duel, communicate and…. By forming alliances with other players, you will become stronger and you will be better able to face enemies and entertain yourself for hours . PlayIt is designed in such a way that you can go from the dark forests to the plains, deserts, mountains and با with your feet or magical devices and experience the thrill of real online gaming. In this amazing game, you will encounter different characters and people and you must do more than 500 requests that the game asks you to do to finish the game!

Features of the beautiful game Order & Chaos Online include the following:

  • Availability of different characters with the ability to select by the user
  • Ability to select the gender, appearance and talent of the game characters by the player
  • Availability of thousands of different weapons and skills to defeat enemies
  • Ability to select desired enemies and friends by game users
  • Ability to fight in groups with friends and other users in the world
  • Having high HD graphics along with professional sound quality

If you have a good speed internet and game fans Nlaynyd, Usroid latest version of the game Order & Chaos Online   to offer. Note that the popular Order & Chaos Online game can only be installed and run online, and using it also requires training that you can read. To view images of the game environment , download the game along with the data file and install and run training with us….

Note that:  Order & Chaos Online game, as its title suggests, is online and offline.

 Changes to version v4.2.3:

* Fixed various bugs and problems in the game…




Instructions for installing and running Order & Chaos Online:

– Download the apk file and install it.

– Download the data file! Uncompress it; Copy the com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftMMHM folder to the Android / Obb path.

– Establish your WiFi connection and run the game.

– Create an account for yourself by visiting the following address:


– Enjoy the game.


Game license troubleshooting tutorial (if encountered):

First, go to Setup phone and clear the cache of Google Play service and Google play store; (Clear cache) Then activate your filter-breaker. Run Google Market and search for the above game and click on download to download a few kilobytes! After that, stop the download and use the installation file and data here and play the game without a license!

If no results are found while searching for Order & Chaos Online; Create a new Google Account by activating the filter-breaker, the problem will be solved.