Orphic v2.7.6.1 [Unlocked] – Rare and used words application for Android Unlocked version worth $ 1.49 Presented
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In all the languages ​​of the world there is a collection of new and unfamiliar words and phrases that people use very little during the day or that they think are not related to their words; But you should know that these words are part of our background and have rich and useful meanings. If you are interested in learning these words or you are a student of different foreign languages, then it is better to join us so that you will not be surprised if you hear such words! Orphic unlocked is the title of a complete set of rare and unused words by Eclectik Devs for Android operating system.It’s been published. As we mentioned at the beginning of this description, this software, with the support of different languages, especially English, confronts you with specific words that increase your mastery of the desired language and introduces you to words that are rarely found. used. All the available words are accompanied by a simple and complete explanation that will increase your understanding of them and in a way they can be considered the most complete explanation about them; In addition to the explanations of each word, to increase your abilities, there is an option to hear the correct pronunciation of the words, which somehow eliminates the need for any foreign language teacher. Quickly add your favorite words to your favorites list or share them with your friends just by touching one option. With each update, a new set of words is added to the huge Orphic database, which can be considered unique in its kind.




Orphic application , as one of the best software for familiarizing users with rare and low-usage words, has been able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of active downloads, which you can now download the latest unlocked version of. Get from Usroid high speed servers in Iran.

Changes in version v2.7.6.1:

* Program fixes + various optimizations.