OS14 Launcher, Control Center, App Library i OS14 v2.9 – IOS 14 user interface simulator application for Android
Premium and full version of the program for the first time on Persian language websites

After Android, iOS can be considered one of the most popular operating systems that has the most users around the world! Unlike Android, you do not have different launchers on iPhone devices and you experience only one user interface. But the high attractiveness of this default launcher sometimes causes Android users to be attracted to it and want to experience working with it! Usroid website has so far tried to introduce the best simulators in this field, and in this post we want to introduce you to a new title. OS14 Launcher, Control Center, App Library and OSIt is the name of an iOS 14 UI emulator launcher developed by Model X Apps and published on Google Play. Relying on its capabilities, this software tries to change the environment of your Android smartphone, such as iPhone 11 and iPhone X. One of the most important features is the preservation of the details of this launcher, so that the development team has tried to plan everything just like the 14MIOS version. More than 500 different themes are included in the heart of this launcher, which you can activate according to your needs. To avoid screen clutter, place only the most frequently used application icon on the home screen and select other applications from the specified list. The accuracy of this launcher is so high that you see the App Library feature; A unique feature that the iPhone introduced in iOS 14. The launcher also supports a variety of icon packs that allow you to customize the interface at a very high level. You no longer need to install peripherals to optimize your smartphone, and it gives you several options for optimizing your phone.

Some features and capabilities of OS14 Launcher, Control Center, App Library and OS14 Android:

  • Smart and complete simulation of iOS 14 on Android
  • Ability to customize the launcher at very high levels
  • Support for the App Library feature introduced in iOS 14
  • Supports a variety of iPhone transfer icons and animations
  • Designated control center like iPhone
  • Access to over 500 different themes
  • A set of Android optimization tools such as stopping unnecessary programs
  • Supports a variety of icon packs
  • Home screen widgets just like iOS 14
  • Option to protect the eyes from the blue light of the screen
  • Ability to hide apps and protect privacy

Application OS14 Launcher, Control Center, App Library i OS14 with the benefit of various features and functionality by its developer for free with a paid published within the network that has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users receive Google Play. Now you can download the latest premium version of it without any restrictions from the large Usroid website .


OS14 Launcher, Control Center, App Library i OS14