A great navigator with the most complete database (no copying)

OsmAnd + Maps & GPS Navigation Full v4.2.7 – The most complete Android offline navigator with +7GB database
Release of the most complete version and the most complete database for the first time on the Internet (copying prohibited)
Usroid, as always, offers without claim
Tested with 100% offline performance

OsmAnd + Maps & GPS Navigation Full + Database is one of the best, most complete and most popular navigation and GPS applications for Android devices, which is offered for $ 7 on Google Play and at your request, its latest update and of course the full version. It is available for download and in front of you! After introducing the Sygic Router app, this time we intend to introduce the powerful and popular OsmAnd + Maps & Navigation application for the Android operating system, with which you will be able to view maps of cities around the world and countries in high quality on your Android device. This program allows you to view maps of your favorite countries offline without the need for an internet connection! OsmAnd + with light and sound guidance allows you to access the desired routes in various forms such as car, bicycle and pedestrian! In Usroid, we have exclusively prepared this navigation software with a database of about 2 GB, which has been shared on the Internet for the first time, and it will surely attract your attention and you will realize the great power of Usroid!

Some of the main features of OsmAnd + Maps & Navigation Android app:

  • Having a simple user interface and user-friendly
  • Ability to download and receive the latest map updates
  • Ability to search for different places by address or locations of restaurants, hotels or museums
  • Ability to download maps of cities and countries for offline use
  • Auto-rotate the map according to the direction of movement and the mobile compass
  • Ability to download maps of countries in full or only on roads
  • Ability to share your location with your friends easily
  • Special routing and various display modes for cycling and pedestrian
  • Ability to adjust the zoom speed in the program


The powerful OsmAnd + Maps & GPS Navigation Full app covers all the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, North and South America, Asia, Japan, Korea, Africa and Antarctica, etc.  And with it you can experience a route Have an accurate find! Today in Usroid, we have prepared the latest version of this program along with the data file of Iran and world maps for you users!


OsmAnd+ Maps & GPS Navigation Full


Installation and offline training of the application:

1 – Download and extract the zip file

2 – Install the installation file, copy the net.osmand.plus folder to android / data on the device’s internal storage


Additional notes:

1 – Our database includes a complete map of Iran and is different from the standard 251 MB data available on all Internet sites – Our database includes all maps of cities, villages, offline Persian Wikipedia, offline wiki related to our beloved country Iran!

2 – In the database that we have provided for download, all the speakers are also available, as well as the Persian Wikipedia and the Persian travel guide.

3- The most complete version of OsmAnd and the most complete OsmAnd database for the first time on the Internet in front of you!