OXXO v1.02 – A very attractive puzzle and intellectual game “OX X O” for Android trailer,
the purchased and complete version of the game is offered to you for $ 1.99,
tested and tested offline.

OXXO – is the name of a very interesting and beautiful puzzle and mental style game that is going to challenge you with multi-faceted and professional puzzles. The game was produced by the Polish studio Hamster On Coke Games and has been released as its third official project for Android devices. The price set for this game is $ 1.99. Usroid , as the first USA website to publish this game, invites you to download the purchased and complete version of this game. Long ago, two more games from this studio, namely Scalak and Zenge We have also published them in Usroid, which are produced in the same style. From the very beginning of the game, OXXO shows its charm with unique and attractive designs along with professional and intellectual gameplay! There is no educational section in this game. The game’s creators have just said what you have to do in this game. So don’t look for anything to teach or teach in the game. You have to discover the style and context of the game yourself and understand how to play these puzzles. When you enter the game, you will be faced with a page where several blocks are next to each other. Your job is to connect the same blocks together. To do this, you need to rotate the blocks and manipulate their communication path by changing the angle. But the interesting and challenging point of OXXO is that these blocks can be changed not only in the four main directions, but also some of them vertically or horizontally.




In fact, in OXXO, you can view and solve puzzles from three main dimensions. The generality and mechanism of the game will be known to you after a few minutes. These puzzles are not as difficult to perform as they seem, and these puzzles can be solved in a short time if you have a correct understanding of the situation of each puzzle. But the complexity of its appearance and the ability to rotate the blocks from three angles make this game difficult and challenging. You will see many items during each step. You need to identify blocks marked with specific symptoms and then group the same items together. This creative design style gives the OXXO a different look, which is why the game managed to score 5.0 out of 5.0. Get on Google Play. The feedback of players from all over the world on this game is very significant. Everyone who has experienced this game has strongly recommended it to others, and we also recommend that you do not miss the OXXO game by preparing and preparing the latest final and complete version of the game purchased and tested. ! We recommend that you watch the trailer video before downloading and installing the game to get acquainted with how and style of gameplay. It is worth mentioning that since this version has been purchased, this game can be installed and run without the need for the Internet and without any restrictions or advertisements. Just note that the prerequisite for this game is Android 6.0  !

V1.02 version changes:

* Solve minor problems