Oxygen Light – Icon Pack v1.0 – Special Oxygen Light application for Android,
purchased and complete version for $ 2.99 for the first time in Iran

One of the reasons for the choice and high popularity of the Android operating system is the ability to make changes in different parts of it; So that its users can make any changes in software settings or interface, to experience working with a completely personal smartphone. Meanwhile, many smartphone users are not very interested in the default icons and are constantly trying to create different icons and use them by installing different startups! But creating an icon is not an easy task and they will usually face many problems. For this reason, one of the suggestions of Usroid site is to use icon packs. Oxygen Light – Icon PackThe title of the special icon pack is Oxygen Light, which was developed by Cris87 for tablets and Android phones and published on Google Play. As mentioned in the description above, one of the main ways to make changes to the icon set of smart devices is to use icon packs that allow you to access thousands of different icons in the shortest possible time. Select each one with just one touch. One of the main features of this special collection is the very high quality of the icons and its support for 1500 different softwares, which if we want to explain more simply, we can say that it supports all popular softwares. The design of the icons is exclusive and is not seen in other icon packs! In addition to the beautiful icons, the development team has also determined more than 80 HD images, by selecting each of which you will be able to change the UI to your liking.

Some features and capabilities of Oxygen Light – Icon Pack Android application:

  • Access to a set of special and quality icons
  • Embed more than 80 HD wallpapers to make extensive changes to the interface
  • Icon support for over 1500 popular apps
  • Careful design and very high detail of the icons
  • Constant updates to access new icons
  • Triple icon processing system

The Oxygen Light – Icon Pack app has been released on Google Play by its developer for $ 2.99 with the benefit of a special set of icons with a unique design, and you can now purchase the latest version without any restrictions from the web. Get the most visited Usroid site. This program is introduced at your request and the latest version is in front of you.


Oxygen Light - Icon Pack