Pacific Fire – Ocean Fire is a calm strategy game developed by Wirraway Software and released for Android devices with a price of $2.99. Pacific Fire is a World War II game that does not have the high graphics of top game studios like Clash of Clans, but this is not a weakness and this game knows exactly how to put everything together for an exciting gameplay. In this game, you will try different scenarios where you have to move your air, sea, and land forces from one base to another within a certain period, usually a few months, and complete specific goals. Unlike many strategy games, this game does not use a turn-based mechanism and all your and your enemy’s moves will be made simultaneously. Therefore, the decisions you make to move your forces will be very sensitive because the battles are simulated exactly like a real-world battle and require strategic and precise decisions. Each battle must be done in a certain number of moves, but all moves are generally as follows: first, your air forces attack enemy air targets, and the remaining air forces attack enemy land and sea targets and bomb them. Then your sea forces attack enemy sea targets and the remaining sea forces attack enemy land targets and bomb them. And finally, your land forces attack enemy land targets and defeat them.


Pacific Fire


Of course, this ideal situation is in the game Pacific Fire, where you are the winning side of the battles, but naturally, the opposite can also happen, and you can be on the losing side of the battles. Airplanes, warships, soldiers, tanks, and weapons have abilities and features that reflect their power and performance in battles, and to increase your chances of success in battles, you need to pay attention to them in a way that they are used optimally. This game has 13 scenarios that focus on various World War II battles and depict different Allied and Axis battles. The game level gradually becomes more difficult, and battles become more complex, and you will face new challenges in each scenario. The controls are very simple, and you can easily learn all the game’s functions in a tutorial scenario and fully master them. Pacific Fire has earned a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and the Usroid team intends to provide this game to you dear ones as a tested and free game. At the end of this article, you can download this game and take command of the Allied forces against the Axis forces!

Attention: The Lite version is actually the free version of the game.