Painting – Icon Pack v2.6.0 – Beautiful Painting Picture Icon Pack App for Android
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Users of Android smart devices use a variety of different software, each with its own icon. These icons are a way to execute them in addition to symbolizing programs! One of the most important issues that may catch your attention in the long run is the monotony of these icons, which makes the smartphone’s UI very dull and boring. Therefore, personalizing the Android environment is one of our suggestions that by having one or two softwares, you can make extensive changes in the smart device interface. Painting – Icon PackThe title of the pack is a beautiful painting design pack developed by Cris87 for Android devices and published on Google Play. As mentioned, this software is a good solution to make extensive changes to the icon of installed programs that change the environment in a certain way. One of the differences between this pack and other programs available in the Android market is the special designs in it, so that the development team spends one by one for each of the icons and makes them completely He has drawn a hand! The colors used in the available icons are dynamic and give excitement to your Android phone’s display. Aside from the wide range of icons available, the software supports a variety of launchers that have enabled millions of users around the world to use it.

Some features and capabilities of Android Painting – Icon Pack:

  • Access to more than 4,000 different high quality icons
  • Use vibrant and dynamic colors in existing icons
  • Supports 4100 different programs
  • Thirty full HD wallpapers in harmony with the colors used in the icons
  • See high detail in each icon
  • Triple processing of icons to provide them with great quality
  • Dynamic calendar for two apps App Stock and Google Calendar
  • Regular updates at regular intervals

Using a complete and unique set of beautiful icons, the Painting – Icon Pack application was able to get a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google users with its $ 1.49 price, which you can now get the latest version purchased from servers. Get high speed Usroid website . This pack icon is introduced at your request.


Painting - Icon Pack