Pako Highway v1.1.2 + Mod – Exciting car game “Chasing and escaping on the highway” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money)
tested separately with offline execution

Pako Highway – Pako: Highway Chase is the name of another game from the popular and popular PAKO game series, including PAKO – Car Chase Simulator , PAKO Forever , PAKO 2 and PAKO 3 . Pako Highway, like other games in this series, was designed and developed by the Finnish studio Tree Men Games. Simultaneously with the release of the first official and complete version of the game, Farsroid has prepared it together with an exclusive modded version for you dear ones. It is worth mentioning that this title is the first among all Iranian sitesIt is introduced and offered by Farservid. Pako Highway has the general nature of the previous games, but it is the first title of this franchise that is not a top-down game, but a rear-view game like most car games. This change in the approach to game design is an important step for Tree Men Games studio, because before the release of Pako Highway, the gameplay style of the previous games were very close to each other, and now this difference can balance the equation. to change Stay with us so that we can introduce you more to this beautiful game.


Nail Highway


Pako Highway gameAs you can guess from the name, it is on the highways. The story and the whole game is the same as the previous episodes. You are in the role of a driver wanted by the police forces who has entered the highways in the city to find a better chance of escaping from the police cars. At the start of the game, you control a car that moves forward automatically from the rear view. In Pako Highway, you don’t have the possibility to gas or brake, and your most important task will actually be to turn and pass other cars and avoid the attacks of police cars. It can be said that the Pako Highway game is a kind of scoring and record-setting game. You must avoid any collision with other vehicles during the time indicated in the picture and pass between them by swerving between cars. If you are looking to get better score and also get special forces, you should try to corner with very close distances from other cars. If you can pass a few cars like this, it will be anti-hit for a few seconds and you won’t lose if you hit other cars, but normally you will lose if you hit any car. With the points and money you earn in these chases, you can buy different cars, upgrade them, or personalize and paint them. The Pako Highway game is designed with the famous pixel graphics of the previous games, and the atmosphere is very interesting and unique in its design style, which makes this game very attractive and exciting. It should also be said that the pixel graphics of the game, although it was done in the best possible way, ultimately led to the volume of this game being significantly smaller than similar games, and this optimized graphics can easily run on mid-range devices. . To learn more about this game, you can watch its introduction trailer video, and then, if you wish, from the download box sectionDownload it in normal or modded form.