Paper Cut Icon pack New v1.9 – Beautiful and attractive paper icon pack for Android
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Unlike other operating systems, Android users can modify different parts of the operating system to suit their needs. These changes take place in various fields, the most important of which are screen and user interface changes. If a poll is conducted among Android users, you will see that many of them are not satisfied with the launcher or the default display options; This is the reason why many developers are moving in this direction and trying to meet the needs of users in this field by building various startups. There are several different ways to customize different parts of the user interface, and one of the best ways to make changes to the symbols is to use the icon packs, which we have tried to provide you with the best of them. Paper Cut Icon pack New is a beautiful and attractive paper icon pack developed by ASN360 and published on Google Play. This unique software helps your loved ones to access a set of special icons that personalize your screen at a very high level and give it a special effect. The main feature of this package is the eye-catching design of its icons. The designs of these symbols are on paper and the developer has tried to use the best colors in them. Along with these icons, several special wallpapers will be available to you. These wallpapers have a high harmony with the icons and double their beauty. Unlike many icon packs in the Android Market, which are only supported by certain launchers, you can take full advantage of this wonderful package without any worries.

Some features and capabilities of Paper Cut Icon pack New Android application:

  • Access to a diverse set of icons
  • Special design of icons with eye-catching colors
  • Access to a specific set of wallpapers
  • High compatibility of existing wallpapers with database icons
  • Option to submit a request to create your own icon
  • Supports all installed and system programs
  • Support for popular Android launchers

Paper Cut Icon pack New application has been released by its developer for $0.99 with the benefit of features and a set of various icons, and has received a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who can now purchase the latest version. Download it without any restrictions from Usroid direct links.


Paper Cut Icon pack New