PaperSplash PRO – Exclusive Wallpapers + Unsplash v2.0.1 – Beautiful and exclusive Android wallpaper application!
Purchased and complete version of the program for $ 0.99 for the first time in Iran

Users mainly use different wallpapers to increase the attractiveness of the screen; Accessing wallpapers has never been difficult, and with just a simple internet search you can access thousands of photos in this field. But the important point is the low quality of the wallpapers and also their inappropriate size. Android smartphones, due to the specific screen size, only fully support the optimal images! PaperSplash PRO – Exclusive Wallpapers + UnsplashIs the title of a beautiful and exclusive Android wallpaper application developed by J. Lindemann and published on Google Play. This software, with the benefit of its various features and capabilities, allows its users to search among hundreds of wallpapers and choose the best ones. One of the remarkable features of the app is the extremely high quality of its images, which obliterate everyone and you will undoubtedly choose one of them every time you browse. All wallpapers are included in various categories so that the process of finding and selecting photos is very fast. In addition, there is a popular section called special wallpapers in which the best wallpapers are available.

Some features and capabilities of PaperSplash PRO – Exclusive Wallpapers + Unsplash Android:

  • Access to a collection of exclusive and special Android wallpapers
  • Extremely high quality wallpapers
  • Categorize all images in various groups
  • Ability to search among wallpapers
  • Weekly updates and the addition of new wallpapers
  • Edit wallpapers to suit your taste
  • Ability to download your favorite wallpapers
  • Simple user interface without any complicated management options

Application PaperSplash PRO – Exclusive Wallpapers + Unsplash to take advantage of the features and functionality of its popular by $ 0.99 at Google Play Developer releases. Note that this program has not been sold yet and by receiving it from Usroid website, you will undoubtedly be one of its first users in Iran and the world.


PaperSplash PRO