Papertown Super Theme GO is a beautiful and cartoon theme, designed by GO software group for Android operating system , which is made especially for Go Launcher. This theme is designed with the highest possible quality and the icons and the city are taken from beautiful cartoon characters. During the day and night you will see the sunrise and sunset in the city and at night you can watch the stars and the moon coming from the sky to the earth and forming a beautiful view.

In the above theme, you can also see different planes in the sky that are passing by and show you an attractive and amazing view. Write a beautiful and custom text on the banner on the fuselage and design the theme according to your taste .

The moon in the sky shows the charge of your smartphone battery and the sun is for switching between night and day.


Download Papertown Super Theme GO - Android cartoon theme


As mentioned, Papertown Super Theme GO is made for Go Launcher and you can download the latest version. ( Download Go Launcher ) To view images of the introduced theme and download it with a direct link, refer to the following.