ParKing Premium: Parking v6.6.0p – Android car parking space app
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ParKing Premium: ParkingIt is a unique and rare program to find a parking space that has been published by Talent Apps programming studio for Android. One of the problems that different people in big cities usually face is not finding a place to park their car, so that sometimes they have to look for their car among different cars for several minutes in order to find it. . This application helps its users to mark the parking space on Google Maps so that they can find their car among hundreds of other cars in the shortest possible time. One of the best different ways to find a car park is automatic mode; If your car is equipped with Bluetooth, after moving away from the car and disconnecting the Bluetooth connection, the program will automatically mark the disconnection location on the map. In addition, you will be able to manually mark the location of the park, just after the park, find your location by GPS and mark it. In addition, to remember the location of the car park, you will be able to set the program in such a way that at certain intervals, you will receive the location of the car park as an announcement.

Some features and capabilities of ParKing Premium: Parking Android app:

  • Find a parking space with just one touch
  • Automatic marking of the car park using Bluetooth
  • Announcement of park location reminders during specified time intervals
  • Support for Android smartwatches
  • Automatically take photos of the parking lot to remind you of the parking lot!
  • History of car park locations at different times

Application ParKing Premium: Parking able to download more than 5 Hzrar active and a price of $ 3.84 a rating of 4.5 from 5.0 to get the most current version can now be purchased from massive Dytabysh Usroid downloaded.


ParKing Premium: Parking