Password Safe and Manager Pro v6.10.0 – Professional password management application in Android operating system,
premium and professional version with all features available

As you know, most people who work in the virtual world all have accounts on several sites or several social networks, and each account has a password, over time and our membership in sites and services It is very difficult to remember these passwords and to prevent you from forgetting your passwords, we offer you a password management program that is the best of its kind! Password Safe and Manager is a professional application with powerful 256-bit encryption from Robert Ehrhardt Studio for Android smart operating system.It can store all your passwords in a comprehensive environment and prevent anyone from accessing them. First create the specific categories you need and then store your passwords in the hands you need, you can put an image for each password or write a special text for the passwords; For example, put the security answers you use when creating passwords as a note in the program! Other smart features of this application include a powerful password generator that can create strong passwords consisting of numbers, uppercase, lowercase letters, symbols and… if needed.

Some features and capabilities of Password Safe and Manager Android application:

  • Store all passwords in a secure environment
  • Accurate and regular categorization of all stored passwords
  • Access password information by creating a master password
  • Powerful password generator
  • Backup or restore encrypted backup file
  • Automatically clear the clipboard after copying and using the passwords
  • Access creation history and save passwords
  • Assign pictures and notes to each password
  • Backup passwords in CSV file encrypted
  • Self-destructive ability of passwords!

Application Password Safe and Manager in Android Market “Google Play” for free along with the payment network has been published able to score extra 4.6 to 5.0 , respectively, which can now use the newest version of its availability Get the features from Usroid .


Password Safe and Manager