Path of Giants v2.2.2 + Mod – Super beautiful puzzle and intellectual game “Giants Path” Android + trailer of
the purchased version for $ 3.99 + mod version (unlocking stages) individually
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Path of Giants – Path of Giants is a fascinating and extraordinarily beautiful game in the style of puzzle and enigma, whose challenging stages and creative designs have made this game one of the best in this genre. This game is made by Journey Bound Games Inc. Developed in Canada and priced at $ 3.99 for Android phones and tablets. The theme, style and context of this game and even its name are very similar to The Climb: Ice Giant AdventureIt has the same gameplay. Path of Giants is an adventurous game with relaxing and very lovely designs and elements, the whole story of which takes place in snowy mountains and icy caves. In this game, you are in the role of 3 explorers and explorers who have come to this mountain to find a special and lost force. In search of this special force, they must cross difficult and puzzle paths. These three main characters can not do anything without helping each other, and even if one of them is not, the puzzles of this game can not be solved. This icy mountain, which has never been the path of any human (except the humans of ancient civilizations), is full of mysteries, traps and riddles. It can be said that almost all of these puzzles are physical and logical puzzles that must be followed to refer to the principles of physics. That’s why this game is a little more challenging than similar puzzle games.


Path of Giants


In the game Path of GiantsYou have to solve 50 different puzzles and riddles in 13 steps. As mentioned, you have to control the 3 main characters. Each character is marked with a color (blue, green and yellow). In many cases you only have to use the specified character to solve the puzzles. Many of these puzzles are floating platforms and levels. For example, you have to put one of the 3 characters on a button to activate the mechanism of the platform and prepare the next part to continue. Then you have to use the second character and finally create a way for the third person to reach the desired point. Or in some other stages, you have to help the top person to reach a point by putting these three characters together. The variety of these puzzles is great and their totality may be completely different at each stage! So in Path of Giants you are going to experience a multipurpose challenge. There are also many valuable hidden items such as antiquities that you can collect and earn special points during the stages. This beautiful and attractive game with three-dimensional designs and great graphics is a very lovable and popular game. Path of Giants to dateGet a fantastic score of 4.9 out of 5.0 from the audience. If you want to experience a unique intellectual puzzle game, you can now download the purchased and tested version of the Giants Path game from Usroid .

Changes in version v2.2.2:

* Added support for Google Play Games achievements + Turkish language + various optimizations.