PDF Scanner 2020 v1.1 – Quality and smart scanner application for Android,
purchased and complete version for $ 1.49 for the first time in Iran

With the advancement of technology, paper documents are becoming less and less and are being replaced by digital documents. Using digital documents, in addition to preventing trees from being cut down to make paper, helps you store dozens of manuscripts, documents or documents in just a few megabytes of memory. To convert paper documents to digital versions, scanners are needed, which due to their high price, it is not economical to buy them for low and limited use. For this reason, we intend to turn your Android device into a scanner by introducing a wonderful software! PDF Scanner 2020Title is a quality and smart scanner application that was developed by Mj Tech for Android and published on Google Play. This software provides a set of various features to help its users to quickly scan their documents and download them in PDF format. To scan, just activate your camera and hold it in front of your documents! One of the most important features of this startup is the very high quality of the scan, which will eliminate any blur after capturing the images. Access the complete list of all your documents at any time and be sure to never miss them!

Some features and capabilities of PDF Scanner 2020 Android application:

  • Quickly and intelligently scan documents without any delay
  • Extremely high quality scanning with superb blurring technology
  • Access all scanned files at any time
  • Get scanned documents in pdf and jpeg formats
  • Automatic detection of borders when scanning
  • Ability to apply different filters to documents before storage
  • Super mode for scanning multi-page documents
  • Share, edit and delete scanned digital documents

PDF Scanner 2020 application with various features and capabilities has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 1.49, which you can now purchase the latest and complete version from the big website and Get popular Usroid . This app is introduced at your request.

Version v1.1 changes:

* Program fixes


PDF Scanner 2020