Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X / 8.X / 9.X / 10.X v20.0.2  – Change the user interface of Huawei phones and
the professional and complete version of the program. 

Android is an open source operating system. This means that any kind of change can be applied to it as desired. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity and high success of this operating system. Because it enables Android phone manufacturers to easily make the desired changes to this operating system. Huawei is one of these manufacturers that has a large share of the Android phone market. The company installs a dedicated user interface called EMUI on its Android products, which is very different from the default Android user interface. This user interface is inspired by the appearance of the iPhone user interface. In order for its users to be able to apply their taste in this user interface, Huawei has provided a program to access thousands of EMUI-themed themes with which users can use their favorite themes for free. But in some cases, the thousands of themes in this app also don’t satisfy users, and they like to have their own theme by changing some minor items. To do this, a great and efficient program has been created with which we are at your service today. Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X / 8.X / 9.X / 10.X is the title of an application for creating a theme for the Huawei and Honor user interface for the Android operating system, which was developed by Hamzio7 and is available for free on Google Play. It’s been published. Using this program, you can apply your favorite shape to the icons. There are several beautiful pack icons that you can use to make your interface more beautiful. In addition, there are many default settings in the program that make it very easy to change the user interface. If you want to use your favorite color, you can use a color selector and easily introduce your favorite color combination to the program. Using this program gives you a lot of personalization capabilities and opens your hand to apply various edits on the Huawei user interface.

Some features and capabilities of Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X / 8.X / 9.X / 10.X Android :

  • Compatible icons: Apply custom shapes to icons
  • It has a large number of pack icons that can be easily selected and applied.
  • It has many default settings with regular updates
  • A color selector for easy color selection
  • Wallpapers gallery with regular updates
  • It has dark and light themes
  • Unlimited personalizations

Application Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI 5.X / 8.X / 9.X / 10.X an efficient and useful for all owners and energetic Huawei phones that have Android users with satisfaction rating of 4.2 from 5.0 from Google users Receive. Now you can download the professional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Peafowl Theme Maker