Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Game v5.09.3469 + Mod – Adventure-puzzle game “Perl Mission” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (feature mentioned) individually
tested with offline execution

Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Game – Pearl’s Peril is one of the most famous and very popular titles in the style of adventure and puzzle games, which is a product of the German company Wooga. The game was first released for the Facebook web platform in 2013 and then a few months later for mobile operating systems including Android and iOS. More than 7 years after the release of this game for the Android operating system, Wooga Studio is still developing this game and has released many updates for it. At Usroid, we decided to prepare this game on Google Play at the same time as the new update is released, and at your request.Dear ones, we offer it for free download. You can now download the latest version of this very attractive game and download it in two normal and modded versions from Usroid. Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Game is a professional and evolved example of a game in the style of Hidden Object, which has made a unique combination of adventure, puzzle, puzzle and hidden objects styles make this game a very attractive and lovable title. So if you have a good relationship with these types of games, rest assured that the Perl mission game can be indescribably fascinating to you.


Pearl's Peril - Hidden Object Game


در بازی Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object GameYou play the main character of the game, a young lady named Pearl Wallace. This young lady, who is also a professional pilot, experiences a mysterious and criminal story. According to the game’s story, Pearl’s father suspiciously commits suicide and loses his life. Pearl believes that his father did not commit suicide and that it was a conspiracy to make his father’s death look like a suicide if it was a murder. Now you have to travel to different parts of the world in the role of Pearl and seek to collect documents and clues related to this incident. In this adventurous journey, you will encounter dozens of different characters, each of whom can be your friend or foe! You’s going to look at these characters and their claims, just like a professional, private detective. In addition to the various missions you have in this area, you also have numerous other side missions, the most important of which are managing and personalizing the Island Paradise area and performing various puzzles and riddles. This beautiful game with its attractive designs and great graphics can entertain you. Game story, hand-drawn and painted designs, smooth gameplay, great variety of puzzles, interesting characterizations and travel to various places are among the most important features of this beautiful and attractive game. This beautiful and exciting game is currently being tested on serversUsroid is ready for download. It is noteworthy that this game has been downloaded by Google Play users more than 10 million times to date with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 . The game developer claims that the game has more than 60 million users worldwide on various platforms.