Percuss – Rhythm Sequencer – Percussion – Sikovanser Rhythm is the title of a game in the musical genre, which is being developed by Indy HIGHKEY Games for $ 2.99. Released for Android devices. HIGHKEY Games has already released other good games in the Android Market, all of which, like Percuss-Rhythm Sequencer, are a game in the musical genre. If you come to this game, you are most likely a gamer who is interested in music and the name of the game has attracted your attention. But for those who don’t know what a sequential rhythm is, we have to say that this game allows you to create a rhythm with an attractive and very fun mechanism and enjoy the beautiful music you have made. To get acquainted with the functions of the game, you can first use the 6 prizes or the same template that is intended for you. As you become more familiar with the functions, you will be able to freely develop the ideas of your mind and give them life.


Percuss — Rhythm Sequencer


Percuss game rhythm sequence – Rhythm SequencerIt’s very simple but at the same time very complete and allows you to use Sner Drums, Cakes, Hats, Tomes, Ride, Crash, and many other samples that you will become more familiar with during the game. Gives. You will also be able to easily use BPM and set your music time. In addition, you can use Pali and SubDivision rhythms. So you are faced with a complete game that will bring you a unique experience. It’s worth noting that the game’s creators have not yet been completed, and they plan to add more features and items to the Percuss-Rhythm Sequencer in the future, given the feedback they receive. Therefore, those interested can hope to receive new updates in the future. All in all, this game is one of the most unique games in the music genre, which is less common in the Android market, and if you are a gamer interested in music, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game. TeamUsroid plans Percuss – Rhythm Sequencer as a tested and totally free to give your loved ones. You can download this game from our servers right now and enjoy playing it!

Versions v0.9.0:

* No changes have been made to this version of the game on Google Play