Perfect Cream v1.11.15 + Mod – Fun and fun game “Cream Decoration” for Android + Trailer
Ordinary version + Mod version (Unlimited Money + Delete Advertising) Tested separately
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Perfect Cream – Cream decoration is another fun and interesting game from the well-known Playgendary Limited studio in the arcade and entertainment style, which has been released for free but with the ability to make in-app payments on Google Play. Playgendary Studios is mostly working on casual games, and has released various titles such as Hitmasters or Polysphere . This time and in this article from Usroid website, we want to introduce one of the most popular and one of the popular trends of this game company to your service. What we’re talking about is called Perfect Cream, and it’s a fun, well-crafted and interesting game with a simple but lovable idea. This game including the most popular arcade style games and entertainment and one of the most popular games Playgendary Limited is a studio that your requestDear ones, we will prepare the latest official version of it and introduce it to you along with a modded version of that service. Perfect Cream is more than just a challenging game, it’s just a fun game, and more than anything else, it’s a game to relax your nerves and relieve daily stress. This style of games has long gained a special place among today’s mobile games, and according to many experts in this field, they can be really relaxing and reduce human stress and tension.


Perfect Cream


In Perfect CreamYour task is very simple, but this simplicity can not be very easy for some. Your job is to pour the cream, sweets, fruits and other similar items with the help of a cream maker. The whole thing is done just by pouring cream on you. Things that need to be whipped with cream are automatically moving on a device. You should keep your hand on the plate as soon as each of them reaches under the cream machine so that the cream is poured on the bread, pastry or fruit. But be careful to remove your hand as soon as the food passes under the machine so that the cream does not get wasted and does not spill out. In the same way, you have to solve the game steps. At each stage of Perfect Cream, there is a bar at the top of the screen that is filled with food when the cream is poured. As soon as that bar is full, that step is over. During Perfect Cream, in addition to this section, there are other sub-stages that you can experience from time to time. By playing the game and passing the game stages, you will get coins. With the help of coins, you can also purchase and unlock personalization items from the store section. The graphics and design of the game are very beautiful and fancy, and the gameplay of 60 frames per second of the game will bring you a smooth experience. From the download box sectionUsroid, you can download the latest version of this game as tested in two normal or modded versions. It’s worth noting that Perfect Cream has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play.