Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy v7.0.1 [Premium] – Smart and simple menstrual tracker application for Android
Premium and full version of the program worth $ 49.99 for the first time in Iran

Menstruation is the flow of blood from a woman’s uterus, which happens to any female sex during the month. This course is very sensitive for women and they should pay special attention to their activities. Following this course is very important for women because disrupting its order can indicate an internal problem or pregnancy. Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy PremiumTitle is a smart and simple menstrual tracker application for Android, which was developed by Flo Health, Inc. and published on Google Play. This software allows women to closely monitor this period and be able to identify the exact time of their next menstruation. The pregnancy calculator in this startup will help you to accurately determine the time of pregnancy and have an interesting countdown to the time of the baby’s birth. In addition, a symptom tracker for PMS or premenstrual syndrome is available to you dear ones, which is very useful in its kind. Examine your menstrual cycles and be notified immediately if you have any problems or delays. Recording pregnancy test results will help you estimate the exact time of an unexpected pregnancy.

Some features and capabilities of Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy Android application:

  • Record menstrual days and follow them regularly
  • PMS tracker to record the occurrence of interference in moral or physical condition
  • Ability to enter information on the intensity of each period
  • Predict future periods with a smart calendar
  • Record pregnancy test results in the program
  • Calculator of pregnancy period and its weeks
  • See the countdown to the time your baby is born
  • Receive interesting articles related to pregnancy
  • Record various reminders to have a regular schedule and course
  • View the information you need in the form of graphic charts
  • Protect your privacy with a password

Application Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy with the features and functionality specific to women able to pay in-network $ 49.99 His 4.8 points from 5.0 to users of the Google Play received that can now use the newest version of the Premium it Get the great Usroid website. In our version all the features of the program are available.

Changes in version v7.0.1:

* New design
* Improved performance and bug fixes


Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation Calendar & Pregnancy Premium