[Personal Training Coach v5.5 [Premium – Android sports personal trainer application
Premium and full version with access to all features

Having a professional and experienced trainer is one of the requirements for having fitness and reaching a high level of physical fitness; But one of the problems that many of us face is the high cost of a personal trainer! In such a way that some people receive millions of tomans per month for their coaching rights, without fully supporting the athlete. Personal Training Coach Premium Unlocked is a personal training coach developed by Personal Training Coach for AndroidDeveloped and published on Google Play. Just install the Personal Training Coach Full program so that your instructor is always with you and everywhere! The exercise programs in this collection allow you to move forward with a purposeful system and strengthen the muscles of different parts of your body perfectly. The amount of sets and repetitions is adjusted based on the current state of the body to have the best result. In addition, your progress is displayed on the chart, which is a powerful factor in encouraging you to exercise regularly.

Some features and capabilities of Personal Training Coach Android application:

  • Support for a set of targeted applications with the ability to integrate them
  • Build muscle and lose body fat in just a short time
  • Record weights, number of sets and repetitions performed
  • Show your progress on a chart
  • Automatic weight gain system for each movement
  • Repeat moves to compensate for errors
  • Ability to switch the program in two units Kg and Lb
  • Sports description in relation to each exercise
  • Special sets for warming up before exercise

The Personal Training Coach app, with its unique set of capabilities and capabilities as a personal trainer, has been able to pay within its $ 7.99 network a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who can now download the latest version. premium it without any restrictions Persian-language website Usroid downloaded.


Personal Training Coach