Pet Oasis v1.1.03 + Mod – Fun and puzzle game “Pet Paradise” Android + Trailer
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited Gold) individually
tested with offline performance

Pet Oasis – Pet Paradise is another creative and beautiful game with lush and pleasant designs from Hong Kong Naughty Cat Studios for Android operating system, which is available for free on Google Play. Usroid, according to the regular routine, for the first time in Iran , has prepared a normal and modded version of this game for you dear friends and companions, and introduces this game as the first Iranian site to serve you friends. Pet Oasis is known by the full name Pet Oasis: Land of Dreams (Persian: Paradise of Pets: Land of Dreams) and as its name suggests, it is related to the story of pets and the place that is to become their paradise! In this gameIn the role of Anna, who has dreamed of building a big and beautiful place for funny and lovable animals since she was a child, now you have to make this dream come true and by launching an interesting, beautiful, fun collection and everything, a land Make a dream for pets! Anna is planning to build a large, well-equipped and unique park for animals, and she needs your help in this dream adventure! After a long search and search, he finally finds the desired place and makes his final decision! A large park that has now lost its old glory and no one visits it. You have to manage this park and turn it into a lush and lush park by customizing, training and equipping. You have various missions in Pet Oasis. From choosing different designs and models to personalize and beautify this place to selecting and managing different items and sections, followed by bringing pets and keeping them properly, will be among your most important missions in this game. Was. The style and gameplay of the game is just like other puzzle games – Jurchin, in which you have to play puzzle and jigsaw games in one section to earn money and points, and in the management section, you have to manage this park and the best Launch the shape possible!

Some features of Pet Oasis Android game:

  • Excellent graphics with convenient and fancy details
  • Painted designs with lush and vibrant colors
  • Playing the role of Anna and trying to make this person’s childhood dream come true
  • Has a Match-3 style puzzle and jigsaw puzzle section
  • Patch up beautiful items like flowers, plants and fruits
  • Has an evolved management section to personalize and customize different parts
  • There are hundreds of different items to use in different sections
  • Interesting story line
  • Numerous characters with their own stories
  • Ability to keep, care for and develop funny pets such as dogs, cats, parrots, turtles and many more

Pet Oasis is an interesting and creative game that, despite its simple and childish appearance, has a fun and evolving gameplay. To play this game, you have to manage different sections just like a manager and try to get the most points in the puzzles section. This game with a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 and registering more than 100 thousand downloads on Google Play, can now be downloaded in two versions of normal and mod (with unlimited gold) in a tested form from Usroid servers . Get started and turn this park into a beautiful and unique paradise for pets with your creativity!

Changes in version v1.1.03:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version.


Pet Oasis