PHANTOM WHITE Icons – Phantom Web Icons is a great app for accessing a set of hollow / white icons for Android, which the LKN9X programming studio has released for $ 0.99 on Google Play and is now the latest paid versionIt is in front of you for free. The easiest way to change the screen is a program that creates shortcuts with a new icon on the home screen. Icons can be selected from the gallery and a large number of icon packs. In fact, using the icon pack allows the user to customize their screen without any problems. Icons can affect user behavior. For example, they should be large enough to give users a sense of comfort and to be able to communicate with them easily. PHANTOM WHITE Icons is a program that includes a harmonic icon package provided by LKN9X on Google Play. The PHANTOM WHITE icon pack contains beautiful and hollow icons (outline icons) that are compatible with white colors and a clear touch screen, and are compatible with dark background images. With this program, you can make custom changes to your smartphone icons. Changing individual icons on a smartphone is relatively easy. Touch and hold the icon of the application you want to modify until a window appears. Next, by selecting the edit option, you can select the icon you want. This program supports most of the popular and diverse launchers and has been able to attract the attention of users and is more popular among many Google Play users.

Features and specifications of PHANTOM WHITE Icons Android application:

  • Has more than 1100 high quality handmade icons
  • Contains lots of alternative icons
  • Contains a collection of background images based on cloud servers
  • Has tools to request and create custom icons
  • Has the ability to update regularly
  • Support for popular and diverse launchers

To use PHANTOM WHITE IconsOr in general, to install the icons, you must first install a supported launcher. After installing and launching the launcher, open the PHANTOM WHITE Icons program and go to the Apply section and then select the Launcher you want to apply. If your approved launcher or launcher is not in the list, you should make sure that you apply it from your launcher settings.Supports Smart Launcher , Solo Launcher, Tsf Launcher, V Launcher, Z Launcher, ZenUI Launcher, Zero Launcher. You can get the latest paid and purchased version of this icon pack with one click from Usroid high speed servers.