Phone 2 Location Pro – Locator v6.22 – The application for displaying the location of incoming and outgoing calls in Android,
the purchased version is offered to you for $ 2.99

As the title suggests, Phone 2 Location Pro – Locator is an application for displaying caller information on Google Maps, published by MobiSparks for the Android operating system. With a simple search in Internet search engines, you will know that programs published in this field are limited and often have a high price and in many cases do not work properly, but it is better in this post with Usroid Join us to introduce the best published application in this field to you, dear users. Phone 2 Location Pro – Locator helps you locate caller numbers on Google Maps quite clearly in AndroidSee for yourself. You should know that displaying information is not limited to callers, because its developers have added the ability to display the location of the people you have contacted. All information received from the program is separate and you can view locations by city, country or region. The capabilities of the phone in location are not limited to the above points, because it also has an intelligent call blocking system that allows you to block all spam, advertising and anonymous calls.

Some of the capabilities and features of Phone 2 Location Pro – Android Locator:

  • Show the location of outgoing and incoming calls by country, province and city
  • View all contact details in great detail
  • Sort contact book contacts by easy geolocation
  • Display the last call time for each number
  • Receive notifications of callers’ geographical location
  • Very nice and easy user interface
  • Track and search each number to display the position
  • Ability to block spam and advertising calls

Application Phone 2 Location Pro – Locator that $ 2.99 has been rated 4.2 out of 5.0 by the users on the Play Store that can get the purchased version of this application for free from Farsrvyd downloaded.

Changes in version v6.22:

* Support for multiple themes
* Change user interface
* Add new information for India
* Improve performance and fix application problems