Phone Doctor Plus v2.0.21 – Android smartphone hardware testing application,
original version with more than 5 million active downloads

One of the biggest concerns of many users when testing Android smart devices is the lack of full access to its hardware, so that sometimes it is observed that when selling second-hand smartphones, the buyer does not notice the problems of the device and After only a few days, he has faced various problems. One way to test hardware components is to use hidden codes that are unique to each Android device and not everyone can access them. Today, in this post, we want to introduce you, as users of the iOS operating system, to a great tool for learning about the hardware status of your device. Phone Doctor Plus is a useful and necessary application for testing different parts of smartphones with Android smart operating system. Developed by iDea Mobile Tech Inc and published in the Google Play Store. This software allows its users to test hardware components without any problems and be informed about their health. In a way, all the hardware can be tested, which is why the app has been dubbed the Swiss Knife. Measure the health of the battery at all times and make sure the device’s sensors are working properly.

Some features and capabilities of Android Phone Doctor Plus:

  • View the status of all parts of the device at a glance
  • Display real device information and functions
  • Record battery charging cycle every day
  • Record and monitor consumption of network data to prevent overuse
  • Testing more than 30 different hardware such as screens, sensors, memory and…

After gaining success among iOS users, the Phone Doctor Plus app has now entered the Android world and has been able to gain 4.5 out of 5.0 points among thousands of votes by gaining the trust of users , which is now and as always, you can get the latest. Download the original version for free from Usroid site; This program has been introduced at your request, dear ones.


Phone Doctor Plus