Phone INFO+ SAM v3.8.5 Complete hardware and software analysis of the device
Purchased version of the program for $5.48 on Google Play

As you know, smartphones are small computers that, like all computers, are made up of hardware components and a software as an operating system. For many users who have this perspective on mobile phones, hardware and sometimes software information are one of the most important criteria for buying and perhaps the most important concern when using the phone. In fact, unlike some people who pay attention to things like camera quality, screen size, etc. when buying, this group of users examines more accurate information such as screen resolution, processor frequency, amount of phone RAM, etc. for purchase. Of course, there are reasons why checking these items is necessary for everyone, even those who are not interested in this type of information. For example, the phone you purchased may be fake and may not match the writings on the box in some cases, or it may have been refurbished. Refurbished phones are phones that have had a problem after purchase and are returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer fixes the problem and sends the phone back to the market. Of course, this point is mentioned on the box of refurbished phones. However, in our country, due to the lack of access to official representatives, it is possible to sell these types of devices to the buyer as original devices. Many applications have been developed to provide accurate information about phone hardware and prevent such incidents. You can easily find examples of these applications on Usroid today, and we are also at your service with a comprehensive application in this area. Phone INFO+ SAM is an application for obtaining complete information about Samsung phone hardware for the Android operating system, developed by the vndnguyen software group and published on Google Play for $5.48. With this program, you can obtain very accurate information about the smallest hardware components of the device.

Some features and capabilities of the Phone INFO+ app ★SAM★ Android:

  • Display the country of device manufacturer
  • Display the type of panel and screen resolution
  • Has a complete CSC tool for various edits (requires root)
  • Check the phone for being refurbished or not
  • Display complete information about installed firmware on the device
  • Provide detailed information about the device’s operating system along with the installation date and …
  • Display the history of device usage
  • Check the health of the device battery
  • Display information about all hardware installed on the device

The Phone INFO+ SAM application is a very good and reliable program for checking the hardware and software installed on Samsung smartphones, which can provide you with very accurate information. We recommend that you check it with this app before buying a device. Phone INFO+ ★SAM★ has been able to receive a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 from Android users, and now you can get the paid and purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Phone INFO+ ★SAM★