Phone Mic – Use Phone as Mic for Loudspeakers v1.5 [ad-free] – Android to microphone conversion application
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A microphone is a sensor device that converts sound into electricity. Microphones have common shapes, each of which is used in the right place despite having a specific task. One of the most common forms of microphone is connected to speakers, which helps to make the sound many times louder and easily speak to thousands of people. As you know, unfortunately, microphones are expensive and in some cases, when we only need them for a few minutes, they are not affordable. Due to this issue, we have decided to introduce a great user startup. Phone Mic – Use Phone as Mic for LoudspeakersIs a smart application to turn an Android device into a full-featured microphone, developed by VB Applications and published on Google Play. Just turn on your Bluetooth and connect your dedicated microphone to the speaker you want. There are various capabilities in this software, the best of which is the sound amplifier mode, which helps you to produce loud sound with the maximum available capabilities. All sounds are recorded while reading music or speech so that you can play them again if needed. Unlike many microphones on the market that do not have special features at a high price, this startup provides an equalizer to help adjust the output sound or activate the existing default station with one touch. There are no restrictions on the use of this software and all features are provided to users.


Phone Mic - Use Phone as Mic for Loudspeakers


Phone Mic application – Use Phone as Mic for Loudspeakers with a special and wonderful feature has been published by its developer for free, which you can now download the latest version without advertising from the popular and unique Usroid website . Do; This app has been introduced at the collective request of you Android users.

Version v1.5 changes:

* Added double-touch mode to exit the app
* Fixed bugs