Phone tester – Test my mobile & Diagnose Android v1.0 [ad-free] – Android phone test and review application,
version without ads and full application for the first time on Iranian sites

Sometimes we want to check the health of different parts of our smartphone, but we do not know how to do these tests. There are usually different codes for this type of review that unfortunately many people are not aware of and a separate code must be executed for each review; In this regard, we intend to introduce a complete tool for easy testing of Android phones. Phone tester – Test my mobile & Diagnose AndroidTitle is a test and review application for Android phones, published by Nazmain Apps. This software, by taking advantage of its special features and capabilities, helps you to easily view the complete specifications of your smartphone at any time and test each part. There are two modes of hardware and software testing available to anyone, the use of each of which depends only on the needs of the user. Online reports are processed at a very high speed and are presented in less than a few seconds, which indicates that there is a sound or any problem in the device. It is better not to miss this useful and wonderful software and read on to get it.

Some features and capabilities of Phone tester – Test my mobile & Diagnose Android app:

  • Display complete hardware and software information of the smartphone
  • Extra system for testing and reviewing existing sensors
  • Display extremely accurate information after high-speed processing
  • Check and display networks connected to Android
  • Check the battery status of the smartphone and receive a practical report of its activity
  • Test your Android monitor to check for any issues
  • Device vibration test

Phone tester application – Test my mobile & Diagnose Android with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been able to get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads, which you can now get the latest version without ads and complete it Download from Usroid website .

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the first version of the app on Google Play


Phone tester – Test my mobile & Diagnose Android