Photaf Panorama pro v4.5.3 – High-quality Panorama Image Capture Application for Android
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Panorama images, also known as 360-degree images, are one of the most popular ways to capture photos that accurately capture all the details around you, allowing you to fully view your surroundings. While some cameras on smartphones have this feature built-in by default, the quality of the images saved in the default mode is not suitable and does not fully capture the 360-degree view. So if you are also interested in this type of photography, join us in this post. Photaf Panorama Full Unlocked is a complete and flawless application for capturing panorama images developed by Bengigi and published on the Google Play store. One of the best features of this app for Android that has attracted millions of users to it is its high accuracy in capturing these types of photos. The angle and direction of the images are accurately detected by sensors in the smartphone and everything is stored in memory with the utmost precision and quality. When the photo is finished, simply rotate your device around to start the image moving. Don’t overlook the simple and easy-to-use user interface of this software and use it to meet all your panorama image needs.

Some features and capabilities of the Photaf Panorama Android app:

  • Automatic connection of all registered images
  • Creating 360-degree images with the highest possible quality
  • Uploading images to website and viewing them through a personal computer
  • Sharing registered images on Facebook
  • Zooming in on any part of the image
  • Possibility of transferring to an SD card
  • Using images as live wallpaper

Photaf Panorama app has been able to achieve a 3.6 out of 5.0 rating by Google Play users, thanks to its special and diverse features in the field of panorama image registration. You can now purchase the latest version of the app from the popular website Usroid, and our version includes all the features.


Photaf Panorama Full