Photo Cutter Pro v1.0 – Easy Background Removal App for Android Images
Purchased Version for $ 2.49

Millions of images of various people or creatures are shared daily on social networks, many of which have been edited by users and the defects of each image have been fixed. One of the most popular filters in the field of photo editing is the blur filter; In such a way that if users do not like the background of their images, they use this effect to darken the background of the photo a lot and nothing is recognizable! But continuous use of this filter is not pleasant and in some cases destroys the attractiveness of the images. Another way to solve such a problem would be to remove the background, which users think that to remove and remove the background, you must have special knowledge in editing photos, which you should know is not the case! Photo Cutter Pro is a very simple and practical application for easy removal of background imagesDeveloped and published by Pixil Media Research. Just select your desired photo through the gallery and delete it permanently in two background steps! Contrary to popular belief, there is no difficulty or complexity in this task and everything is done in the simplest possible way. Unlike many similar apps in this field, after editing and recording your images, no quality loss will be seen in them and you will be able to use them with very high quality as a stamp or share them on social networks. In addition, the Endo feature allows you to restore the image to its original state in the event of any errors during the editing process.


Photo Cutter Pro


Photo Cutter Pro application with a simple system in the field of removing background images has been able to get a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 2.49, which you can now buy the latest version of it from direct links site Usroid receive; This version provides all the features for free.

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the initial version of the app on Google Play