Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro v2.6.5 – Professional effects application on Android images
Purchased version worth $ 4.99 Dedicated to you dear ones

Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro A special and wonderful program for professional effects on images from Pixerist Studio for AndroidIs. With a simple web search, you may find various programs for editing Android images, but it is better to know that all of them have limitations in applying effects on images, with this software you can use hundreds of Access different effects and apply them to your images without any restrictions. According to the developer, one of the features of this application that has made it popular is the unusual effects used in it, so that you will be able to put several effects on one image and a completely different image. Get. Furthermore; The effects used on each photo are customizable and we can adjust the effect on our images. Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro also includes a set of frames and simple tools that help you edit images better.

Some features and capabilities of Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro Android:

  • Access to the full set of different effects
  • Ability to adjust the effect of effects on each image
  • Cut certain parts of the images to your liking
  • Preview the affected images before saving them
  • Ability to place different frames on images
  • Quickly share edited images on social networks

The unique Photo Editor – Pixerist FX Pro application, with its support for hundreds of different effects and its price of $ 4.99, has been able to attract users’ attention and receive a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 in the Play Store. It is better not to waste time and make unique changes on your images by receiving the purchased version of this application from Usroid .


Pixerist FX Pro