Photo To Art Pro v6.0 – Professional Photo to Android Art Conversion App
Purchased for $ 4.99

If you refer to the photo and video categories on the Usroid site, you will come across various programs in the field of photo editing , each of which has its own capabilities; Among these applications, some of them will be able to receive your images and send them to their servers to provide a unique and artistic version of it; Software Photo To Art ProIt is one of the mentioned categories that can turn your photos into completely artistic images. The technology used in Photo To Art Pro is known as neural networks and artificial intelligence, which was first used last year by the iOS version of Prism! More than 84 different styles are used in this software that there are no restrictions in using them and you can easily convert any of your images! Unlike similar programs, after receiving the edited images, there is no copyright on them and you will be able to share your images on social networks without any ads! One of the most important issues in this type of technology is security; Photo To Art Pro uses a super security system to block any access to information so that hackers can not access your information when receiving or sending data.

Some features and capabilities of Photo To Art Pro Android app:

  • More than 100 art filters in 84 different styles
  • Unique effects in various designs such as oil paint, watercolor, cartoon photos and…
  • Image filters based on famous painters such as Monk, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso and…
  • There were no copyrights on the edited images
  • Unparalleled security without access to your images
  • Use intelligent neural network system to edit images

Application Photo To Art Pro relying on their own abilities as well as 4.99 dollar managed to score 4.7 out of 5.0 achieved which can now be purchased newest version of its high-speed servers Farsrvyd in download.

Changes in version v6.0:

* Reduced image editing time in Pro version
* Fixed minor issues