Photographer’s companion Pro v  – Android Professional Photographer Assistant 
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These days, due to the fact that phones are equipped with quality cameras, many people take photos and share their photos with others on social networks. Smartphones have great software for taking photos that make it very easy to take pictures. In fact, on phones, all photography is done automatically, with only the user pointing the camera at the subject and pressing the capture button. As long as we are going to take pictures on the phone, we can take pictures this way without any problems, but when it is going to be done professionally and using professional cameras, the situation will be different. There are no more smart apps on these cameras and everything has to be set manually. Of course, some parts can be adjusted automatically by the camera itself, but professional photographers usually turn off all auto modes to get a unique, high-quality image. This is very difficult for those who are new to photography and do not know much about the field. That’s why we are at your service today with an application that makes camera settings very easy.Photographer’s companion Pro is an app for the Android operating system developed by Stef Software and released for $ 1.99 on Google Play to help set up a professional camera easier and calculate photography needs. This program helps you to capture magical images with the highest quality. Note that basic photography knowledge is required to use this program.

Some features and capabilities of Photographer’s companion Pro Android app :

  • Alternate / Equivalent Exposure Calculation (ND Filter Management and Long Exposure)
  • Field depth calculation, hyperfocal and bokeh simulation
  • Calculate the field of view
  • Calculate shutter speed to freeze subject movement
  • Sun position, sunrise / sunset time, golden hours, blue hours and monthly calendar
  • Photography of the moon based on the phase of the day
  • Take pictures of moonlit landscapes
  • Lunar photography
  • Moon position, moon hour / moonrise and lunar calendar
  • Photography of stars, the Milky Way with or without paths (simulator)
  • Photography of lightning and fireworks
  • Calculate the best setting for EV
  • Calculate distance or aperture with flash
  • Photographic composition (third rule, diagonal, triangle, golden ratio, golden spiral)
  • Film sensitivity table (ISO, ASA, DIN, GOST)
  • Night mode

App Photographer’s companion Pro is a unique and very complete tool for photography that has, with the consent of Android users rated excellent 4.9 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v :

* Click on the wheel to search for a camera or lens model.
* Bubble level: Compatibility with more devices
* Settings: Disable standby
* Home: Quick launch 5 tools
* Minor changes
* Bug fixes


Photographer’s companion Pro